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5 Mid/Small Bets From Broking Houses

Below are the 5 Mid/Small cap bets from different broking houses. Out of these 5, given a chance, we will be investing in Surya Roshni and Pokarana.

Surya Roshni from Mayuresh Joshi – Fund Manager, Angel Broking
Reason for Recommendation: Company into LED bulb business. The lighting industry should do pretty well. The LED segment should contribute 30% over the next couple of years. Fans and other appliances have been doing well, and we expect them to hit that Rs 200 crore odd market respectively. Again, the steel business has been a drag, but clearly the lighting business is performing very well and the debt levels have actually come down by 65-odd crore in the first half itself. The stock valuation at 7.5 times look pretty attractive to us at the current juncture.

Visaka Industries from Mayuresh Joshi – Fund Manager, Angel Broking
Reason for Recommendation: Their asbestos cement products division that has not been performing well, but the expectation is that in the next two years with a 70% market share it should do reasonably better. The division has done exceedingly well. Their synthetic yarn division has done well. So, Visaka Industries on decline is something that long-term investors can look at.

MT Educare from Mayuresh Joshi – Fund Manager, Angel Broking
Reason for Recommendation: Expecting more than 27% growth for next two years because the kind of pre-university tie-ups that it is doing, the robomate division, the learning management solution division, all these divisions are expected to perform well. Taking into account all the above factors, it will translate into a bottom line growth of at least 20 per cent over the next couple of years. So, valuations are looking attractive for MT Educare even at the current level. One can look at the stock with the target of 170 over the next 12 months.

KEI Industries from Amit Khurana, Dolat Capital
Reason for Recommendation: there is a significant opportunity building up in the EHV space which is the extra high voltage space, wherein they are one of the only two other Indian manufacturers who have the capability and the eligibility to bid for the tenders. An investment into the transmission and the distribution side will help the company to capture smart city projects and whole lot of other initiatives at the state government level.

Pokarna from Pankaj Sharma, Equirus Securities
Reason for Recommendation:Their business is related with the export theme. The granite which is used as kitchen marble, they export to US and also if you look at the certification which are required to supply that kind of a commodity to these countries. It is very-very stringent and very -very difficult to get, and also in terms of various other certification and regulation which are in place, this is a company which has done that part very-very well. 

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3 thoughts on “5 Mid/Small Bets From Broking Houses”

  1. My preferation, Pokrana and KEI Industries,

    I am in the power sector and I know pretty well KEI cabability, they have been continuously posting good results even in the tough time, once the utilities, Center investment comes in Distribution, KEI will get good benefit.. and more over in Cables segment there are plenty of suppliers, however out of listed suppliers I can pick only KEI only…

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