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Arrow Coated Products – More Takers Queuing Up??

According to the latest share holding pattern of Arrow Coated Products,  leading investment firm Quant Capital acquired nearly 1.55% stocks. During the consolidation phase of 3 months, they have silently accumulated 1,82,304 shares. Arrow Coated was identified by retailer’s darling Value Pick in August 2013, when it was trading at Rs 12!!!. Till then its on a long term up-trend. In January 2015 it reached a peak of Rs 550 and retraced 50% to 280 by March 2015. Well known investor Mukul Mahavir Prasad grabbed 130000 shares at nearly Rs 500 in January 2015. Also Param Capital Research and Aquavista limited acquired nearly 1.5% each during this period. Today Arrow Coated marched and locked in UC with flying colors at Rs 649.

Below are the major initiatives of Arrow. Company is keeping a bunch of patents which can be monetized.  

Arrow Embossed Water Soluble Film for Embroidery Industry
Arrow Embossed WSFs are the ideal solution for many current problems in Embroidery Industry and bring a number of added features to the embroidery process. Useful for stretchy and thin flimsy fabrics amongst others, these help to avoid the puckering and slipping of the fabric and make it more stable. Thus not only the stitch count is reduced the quality of the stitches is improved as well. The embroidery is denser and gets a deeper look. The WSF is dissolved in cold water or it can be torn away from the fabric at the end. All in all the utility cost is reduced and at the same time better quality embroidery is achieved.

Toilet Blocks Packaging
Arrow offers the fragrant medicated product for enhancing value to your toilet and hard surface cleaning detergents. Lab reports have proven that the embedded medication is effective against several known germs, bacteria, micro-organisms and fungi.

Water Soluble Water Strip
Excellent for Travel: these strips are packed in a “Safe Pack”. Normal soap strips made from paper or non-woven leave an unpleasant residue on hand and in the sink. This “Arrow Magic Strip” strips is made from actives embedded water soluble film. It releases perfumes, Halamide, soap and other actives which clean your hands as well as eliminate viruses and bacteria.

Edible Film
Arrow water soluble edible film are recently been used as mouth fresheners. There is a wide range of flavors available for this purpose. The popular ones include the peppermint, cinnamon, mint and many more. Along with various flavors these films are available in a variety of colours.

Disinfectant Laundary Bags
The Arrow water soluble laundry bags is a convenient precaution tool that enables soiled linen handlers to isolate, store, transport and clean washable dirty items. The bags can be used as integral liners in collection containers or as independent storage bags for soiled or contaminated items (i.e. used continence pads and bed linen) prior to laundering, thus minimizing the risk of cross contamination or direct exposure to waste materials or body fluids. Closed Laundry Bags can be placed directly into the washing machine. The bags will dissolve completely during the washing and disinfection process.

Does it still possess the elements to become a multi bagger from this levels??. Wait and see.

NB: Stock is already recommended to our clients.

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