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Economic Times Reveals the “Other Side” of Ashish Kacholia

Our Master Portfolio Member Ashish Kacholia is a person who stays away from the market spotlight. To be precise, we couldn’t even get a photo of him from internet even though we spent lot of time looking for it*. Now Economic TImes has come up with an article which shows the other side of Ashish Kacholia along with his investment strategy. The article written by Shailesh Menon details the kindness act of Ashish Kacholia.

The article details how Ashish Kacholia helped Samaritan Mission School at Tikiapara near Howrah in West Bengal. The school was a 350 sq ft room with three windows and some 25 students 13 years ago— mostly children of rickshaw-pullers, housemaids and drug addicts.

As Mamoon Akhtar of Samaritan Help Mission recalls, while departing, “Ashish bhaiya” handed the first of his numerous cheques favouring the Samaritan Mission.

Today, the school imparts digitised education to over 3,000 students, boasts a playground and a vocational training lab, all thanks to the generosity of Ashish bhaiya and his rich friends from Mumbai. Little do these kids know that their bhaiya is one of the most influential investors on Dalal Street.

Article also mentioned about the investment strategy of Kacholia who find new investment ideas in the mid- and smallcap space. This strategy paid off as companies such as Pokarna Granites, Vadilal, Camlin, Axiscades Engineering, Acrysil, Lokesh Machines, Zen Technologies, Shaily Engineering Plastics and Ashiana Housing turned multi-baggers in his portfolio. Kacholia holds investments of nearly Rs 350 crore in companies where he has more than 1 per cent shareholding. “Ashish does a lot of research before investing. He’s a risk-taker; he buys shares in chunks if he’s convinced. He meets the management if his investment is large,” says a broker who executes trades for him.

Kacholia believes in testing the strength of his portfolio. So if the overall market momentum is weak, he dumps a portion of his holding to check for price resistance patterns. If the stock manages ride out even during an “engineered selloff”, he increases his holding. Kacholia does not hold more than 25-30 stocks in his portfolio at any given time. His price target is usually 1.5-2 times the buying price. That said, if company fundamentals turn negative mid-way to target, he dumps the stock dispassionately.

It seems that ET tried to get an interview with him but failed as he does not want to be in market limelight. He humbly acknowledge that bull market creates heros and bear market creates zeros, and feels its better be anonymous!!

*One of our readers, Mr. Venu Gopal shared a pic of Asish Kacholia which is updated in his portfolio page. Thanks alot Venu!!

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  1. Will you please provide his latest portfolio after sept qtr as u mention that next update after 30 october in your earlier post of ashish kacholias portfolio update please reply

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