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Porinju Again Failed in Predicting Nifty!!

In 24 August 2015, our post clearly gave a warning to our readers about blindly following Market Gurus. This was sited by a tweet of Porinju when market was just recovered from a low of 7900. Porinju predicted that 7900 was the bottom for nifty for next decade!!!

Then market corrected to 7500 and bounced back. But that was not the end. On September 2015 Porinju again came back with below tweet, blasting on all bears!!!

A much short lived prediction

But the bears in market has proved that Porinju was wrong on nifty prediction. Now market looks clue less and people are now talking about the possibility of a global recession.

Porinju is definitely a great stock picker..but not as good in predicting the market :). But anyway, we might be wrong also, as we have 345 days to go for an end of 2016. Lets wait and see who will have the final smile – the bullish Porinju or the amateur bears!!!. 

But we really want Porinju to be the final winner as he is keeping his faith in Indian growth story which is not affected by this current market meltdown.

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