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Top 50 Corporate Loan Defaulters List From AIBEA

All India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA), one of the biggest employees unions in India has  decided to publish the list of top 50 corporate defaulters in this country.Below are the companies which are eating our hard earned money which was paid as tax in various forms.

1. Kingfisher Airlines, Rs.2673 Crore
2. Winsome Diamond & Jewellery Co. Ltd., Rs. 2660 Crore
3. Electrotherm India Limited, Rs.2211 Crore
4. Zoom Developers Private Limited, Rs.1810 Crore
5. Sterling Bio Tech Limited, Rs.1732 Crore
6. S. Kumars Nationwide Limited, Rs.1692 Crore
7. Surya Vinayak Industries Ltd, Rs.1446 Crore
8. Corporate Ispat Alloys Limited, Rs.1360 Crore
9. Forever Precious Jewellery & Diamonds, Rs.1254 Crore
10. Sterling Oil Resources Ltd, Rs.1197 Crore 

11. Varun Industries Limited, Rs.1129 Crore
12. Orchid Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Ltd, Rs.938 Crore
13. Kemrock Industries & Exports Ltd, Rs. 929 Crore
14. Murli Industries & Exports Limited Rs.884 Crore
15. National Agricultural Co-Operative Rs.862 Crore
16. STCL Limited Rs.860 Crore
17. Surya Pharma Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 726 Crore
18. Zylog Systems (India) Limited Rs.715 Crore
19. Pixion Media Pvt. Limited 712 Crore
20. Deccan Chronicle Holdings Limited Rs. 700 Crore 

21. K.S. Oil Resources Ltd. Rs.678 Crore
22. ICSA (India) Ltd. Rs.646
23. Indian Technomac Co. Ltd. Rs.629 Crore
24. Century Communication Limited Rs.624 Crore
25. Moser Baer India Ltd. & Group Companies Rs.581 Crore
26. PSL Limited Rs.577 Crore
27. ICSA India Limited Rs.545 Crore
28. Lanco Hoskote Highway Limited Rs.533 Crore
29. Housing Development & Infra Ltd. Rs.526 Crore
30. MBS Jewellers Pvt. Ltd. Rs.524 Crore 

31. European Projects And Aviation Ltd. Rs.510 Crore
32. Leo Meridian Infra Projects Rs.488 Crore
33. Pearl Studios Pvt. Ltd. Rs.483 Crore
34. Educomp Infrastructure & School Man Rs.477 Crore
35. Jain Infraprojects Limited Rs.472 Crore
36. Kmp Expressway Limited Rs.461 Crore
37. Pradip Overseas Limited Rs.437 Crore
38. Rajat Pharma/ Rajat Group Rs.434 Crore
39. Bengal India Global Infrastructure Ltd. Rs.428 Crore
40. Sterling Sez & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Rs.408 Crore 

41. Shah Alloyes Ltd. Rs.408 Crore
42. Shiv Vani Oil And Gas Exploration Limited Rs.406 Crore
43. Andhra Pradesh Rajiv Swagruha Corp. Ltd. Rs.385 Crore
44. Progressive Constructions Ltd Rs.351 Crore
45. Delhi Airport Met Ex Ltd. Rs.346 Crore
46. Gwalior Jhansi Expressway LimitedRs. 346 Crore
47. Alps Industries Limited Rs.338 Crore
48. Sterling Port Limited Rs.334 Crore
49. Abhijeet Ferrotech Limited Rs. 333 Crore
50. Sujana Universal Industries Rs.330 Crore 
Total:                                       Rs.40,528 Crore

The total NPA amount stands to somewhere near 8 lakh Crore. So above 50 companies have contributed nearly 5% of the total estimated NPAs across all banks

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