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Amitabh Bachchan Latest Stock Portfolio 2019

Amitabh Bachchan is turning to be the Big B for Indian stock market as well. Learning from the initial setbacks and mistakes,Bachchan is coming out as an investor we should follow. He started off his investment career in stock market in 2011 by investing in unknown penny stocks which turned out to be disastrous. 

In July 2011, Amitabh Bachchan jumped into Birla Pacific Medspa IPO, a company which is engaged in the lucrative business of running a Spa and promoted by the high profile Yash Birla, a person from Birla family with zero business acumen.(Guys.. just search for Yash Birla in Google and you will find interesting guidance from Google).

Our poor Big B smelled a multibagger in Birla Pacific Medspa and bought 16,75,000 shares (1.49% of the total equity) by investing Rs. 1.67 crore at a rate of nearly Rs.10. Soon after listing, Birla Pacific Medspa spiked to an all-time high of Rs. 30, trebling his investment. But things went wrong from there. If you are brave enough, you can check the current price of Birla Pacific Medspa.

Then Bachchan tried his luck in Fineotex Chemicals. After its IPO price of Rs. 72, Fineotex Chemicals jumped to 350 levels. When it started sliding, Amitabh Bachchan thought it is a good opportunity to increase the stake and bought 3 lakh shares between Rs. 170 to Rs. 150 per share. Currently it is trading @ Rs. 42. Till now he has not sold a single stock and holding nearly 5% of the total equity,waiting patiently for revival.

Seeing these setbacks, a famous stock broker said-“He should not be investing in penny stocks and these unknown firms. He should not be wasting his money. A person of his stature should invest in blue-chip stocks. A regular trader can experiment with penny stocks. There are several other investment opportunities which Bachchan should explore”.

And yes, he learned from the mistakes and for the third time, got it right. The Amitabh Bachchan bought 92,030 shares of Neuland Labs. At the CMP of Rs. 424, the investment has given 800% gain in the past four year.

Amitabh Bachchan Latest Stock Portfolio 2019

In 2011, being the brand ambassador for Just Dial, Bachchan was given 62,794 shares at a throw away price of Rs 10 each. Originally, Bachchan’s 62,794 shares were valued at Rs 6.27 lakhs. The value of these shares spurted to Rs 3.83 crore on the debut day after IPO in 2013, as per its listing day price of Rs 611.45 each. Currently the stock is trading @ Rs.1250

His fourth pick,  Stampede Capital, an unknown company to many, was a surprise to all. He bought the shares in several lots between 14th May 2014 and 6th June 2014. His first bulk purchase of 110,000 shares was on 14th May 2014 at a paltry price of Rs. 88 per share. 

In 2015 Stampede was trading at Rs. 520. But since then stock is on a downward movement and now trading at Rs 22, after its face value come down to Rs. 2. Stampede Capital has molded itself into a global financial technology house specializing in “Automation of Knowledge Work” and Cloud Computing for financial markets.

March 2019 Update

It seems Amitabh Bachchan has exited most of his stock holdings and according to latest shareholding patterns he is holding only one stock – Stampade Capital. The company is trading at -0.73 PE and RoE is negative. It seems good days are far ahead to realize. 

Amitabh Bachchan Latest Stock News

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