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Ashish Dhawan Latest Portfolio 2019

We are adding one more well known investor in our Master’s Portfolio session – Mr. Ashish Dhawan, the former director of ChrysCapital,  a portfolio management company which manages $2.5 billion across six funds. Dhawan is one of India’s earliest and well-known private equity investors, starting ChrysCapital before he turned 30. 

Over the last 20 years, he has grown into his role as one the country’s top investors. In 2011, Ashish Dhawan quit ChrysCapital and took to something that he had always been passionate about, philanthropy and teaching, and started Central Square Foundation and co-founded Ashoka University in Haryana.

Founder and CEO of Central Square Foundation

An MBA graduate with distinction from the Harvard Business School, Asish Dhawan raised venture capital fund in late 1990s but hit hardly during the dotcom bubble burst and the first few investments were washed away. 

But he made a stupendous comeback after Wipro bought his portfolio company, Spectramind, for $93 million in 2002, where ChrysCap’s $10-million investment increased six times to $60 million.Ashish Dhawan made huge money from his early investment ideas like Mphasis, Axis Bank, Yes Bank and Shriram Transport Finance. 

He has also made great money in some mid cap names like Kajaria Ceramics, Take solutions etc. Having said that, few of his picks were really disasters. Examples are Allsec Technologies, Mastek, Orient Green Power etc. So request our readers not to blindly follow the masters!!

Ashish Dhawan Latest Portfolio January 2019

Investment Lessons from Ashish Dhawan

1. Think long-term, India is going to do well over the next 20 years, forget about the next five years. So, stay invested, that is the most important. 

2. Look top down, don’t just look bottoms up.

3. Bet on people who have that fire in the belly and are really going to be committed to their business for the next 10-15, 20 years.

Know More About Ashish Dhawan

Watch this video, you would better understand him as a passionate philanthropist. After an illustrious career as a private equity investor, Ashish Dhawan has turned a philanthropist by setting up a non-profit organisation Central Square Foundation (CSF), which aims to improve the quality of education. 

He tells us how critical thinking, communication skills and an inquisitiveness to learn more are what are expected of an employee in the 21st century, and how large-scale innovation in higher education is required to ensure students gain those skills. 

In the below video, Ashish shares his vision about how to transform India’s primary education system.

Dhawan was recognized as the NextGen Leader in Philanthropy by Forbes India for his charitable work in 2012. He also placed on the 2014 Hurun India Philanthropy List, a ranking of the most philanthropic individuals in India produced by Hurun Research Institute.

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