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Ashish Kacholia Latest Portfolio 2019

Ashish Kacholia of Lucky Securities is a darling of many of the value investors in stock market. He started his career with Prime Securities and later on moved to Edelweiss Capital. In Prime Securities he was on the research desk, researching stocks for the company’s portfolio and he used to visit a lot of companies and create financial models. His focus was on small cap stocks, which they were expecting to grow much bigger and strategy work for bull market days. 

In 1999, he along with Neerja Roy, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, Lashit Sanghavi and Hiren Ved founded Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. The company first launched in 1999 as “”, a promotional marketing portal. In 2009, the company re-launched their website and company name, changing it to Hungama Digital Media Entertainment. 

Ashish Kacholia
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During the technology boom, he breathed only technology stocks and then realised the value of PSU stocks, again discovering an emerging gold mine, just when the Indian economy was coming into its own. 

Each of the stocks in Ashish’s portfolio is a real multi-bagger. Neuland Labs is up 275% YOY, Gati is up around 400% YOY & Ashiana Housing is up 200% YOY. He had holdings in MT Educare, Greenply Industries, Kaveri Seed Co and Marg.

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Ashish Kacholias Winning Strategy

For Ashish Kacholia, stock market is a business of great integrity. Let us hear his words.

 “I have felt the company should always perform on a quarter-to-quarter basis, but I learnt to my great expense that life doesn’t work in a linear manner. I have sold-off some of my best stocks because they didn’t deliver for a quarter or two and this again is a part of the education that I have had.”

“One has to have patience, that good businesses and good managements give them some time to perform and over a period of time, I have felt that has been a better basis of investment, rather than working on strictly quarter-on-quarter performances. All companies can’t be Infosys.”

“I basically look at earnings momentum and a valuation in the 4,5,6,7 price earning multiple kind of range and I also look at the stock charts. So basically, once the stock breaks out a 52-week high and starts trading consistently above that, I get into that stock.”

This post will be updated on a quarterly basis. Stay tuned for more updates of Ashish Kacholia latest portolio holding news 

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  1. Look at the error Ashish Kacholia buys 910993 Welspun Syntex
    31-July-2015: Man Industries, Ashish Kacholia, BUY, 910,993 , Rs.121 .. It is welspun not man industries

  2. Above it is mentioned that he has not added more AYM syntex shares.. But he has.. The current no of shares of Ashish Kacholia is 1,888,632

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