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Radhakishan Damani Latest Portfolio 2019

Mumbai man Radhakishan Damani is a low-profile stock market veteran who invests on his own account and via his investment arm Bright Star Investments private Ltd. According to Bloomberg Billionaire index, Damani is the world’s 185th richest individual and sixth richest Indian with a fortune of $8 billion. Portfolio includes a string of blue-chip stocks that he has accumulated over the years. Notable holding is a 26% stake in cigarette maker VST Industries, an affiliate of British American Tobacco. His close friend is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, who refers to Damani as his “guru”.

Have a look at his Stock Portfolio 2019

D-Mart Winning Strategy

Damani  has over 25 years of experience in the securities market . He began his career in the ball bearing business . Thereafter, he began his business in stock trading and he was granted registration as a stock broker by SEBI in the  year 1992.  Subsequently,in  the  year  1997,  his  membership  was  converted  into corporate membership in the name of Damani Shares and Stock Brokers Private Limited.

After raking in the moolah in the stock market during the ’80s and ’90s, Radhakishan Damani suddenly quit after the crash of 2001. Over the next few years he focused on his other passion: retail. He slowly built D­Mart into a chain, and it has around 70 stores across Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh. At a time when the Birlas, Mukesh Ambani and Kishore Biyani are struggling to get the retail recipe right, Radhakishan Damani seems to have perfected it. His model is simple and differs from that of others. 

1. Damani doesn’t go to upmarket malls to set up outlets; dense residential complexes is where D­-Mart prefers to plant its flag. 

2. He buys his own real estate rather than leaving the business to the whims of owners who can hike rents at will. 

3. D-­Mart keeps the store size small, stocking only fast­ selling products. This reduces write­ offs on clogged inventory. 

4. D-­Mart pays its vendors within two days unlike other retailers, who pay after 15­30 days. So vendors give discounts to D-­Mart for prompt payment and these discounts are passed on to buyers, improving footfalls and customer loyalty.
Radhakishan Damani now wants to take D­Mart pan­ India, but at his own pace. For him, profitability comes before scalability. That approach has made D-­Mart the brightest star on the retail horizon in India.

Radhakishan Damani | Latest News on Radhakishan Damani

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Jun-2016: RK Damani gets into Man Infracon
Jun-2015: RK Damani gets into India Cements

Last  updated on March 2019

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  1. He has bought India Cements again.. Why is it not being updated ? Please update all the other portfolios too.. There are many of us who rely on these sites..

  2. Buy-and-Sell in Malleswaram area of Bangalore is a good example of this style of management of paying cash for supplies and collecting cash from customers. The shop is crowded anytime of the day, and it has been in existence for 3-4 decades. The decline of Janata Bazars may be traceable to the growth of Buy-and-Sell.

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