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Hello, I am Maniyan Mathayi!

Hi there, I am Maniyan Mathayi!! A stupid Indian option trader who repeats mistakes. A mid aged man who wanders in the ocean of option sea. An idiotic fellow who overtrades even after 17 years of experience. A village fellow who is overruled by emotions. Here I plan to share my trades (i mean mostly blunders) . Hopefully it will be beneficial to you as well. See you around.

With tones of love 🙂

Maniyan Mathayi

Here is my history

  • 17 years of trading and investment
  • 2 times complete washout
  • 3 times more than 50% drawdown
  • Longest stock holding time : 15 months
  • Found rhythm in 2019 after trying for 14 years
  • Paid around 30 Lakh as income tax and STT for the financial year 2021-22
  • Primarily and Option seller but occasional Option Buyer

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