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Equity Intelligence PMS Review 2019

Equity Intelligence was incorporated in 2002. Born with strong value-picking genes, the company has since grown into one of the leading portfolio managers in India. The company has strong clientele from various income classes from India and abroad. From a humble beginning,  now Equity Intelligence manages the portfolios of many leading businessmen, successful professionals, NRIs and even ordinary people.

Porinju Veliyath (From Equity Intelligence Website)

Porinju Veliyath is one of the most experienced fund managers in India, he has an enviable track record of out-performing the stock markets. A practitioner of value investing-based stock picking strategies for the past two decades, Mr Veliyath has been instrumental in creating substantial wealth for his clients using his unique stock selection prowess and the wealth of knowledge on corporate India.

Equity Intelligence Core Team

Abhilash Varghese (From Equity Intelligence Website)

A Chartered Accountant with over seven years of expertise in the exacting world of finance, accounting and taxation, Abhilash anchors the day-to-day operations of the company, ensuring its impeccable functioning, besides ensuring compliance with all regulatory aspects.

Abhilash’s competence in corporate law, financial & management accounting and a focus on the systems and procedures enables the team in delivering seamless and transparent services to the clients of Equity Intelligence.

Equity Intelligence PMS Review

Note: Data available till December 2018

Major Stock Holdings of Equity Intelligence

Equity Intelligence is holding more than 1 percent in below companies are the shareholding patterns of December 2018. If you are planning to buy any of these stocks, kindly do it only after proper research as EQ might have already booked out. As all these data is collected from public domains there could be mistakes. 

13 Things To Note Before Joining EQ PMS

  1. EQ Portfolio management is a highly personalised service. Each investor has a separate portfolio of shares. Also there is no entry or exit load in PMS
  2. Minimum investment for joining EQ PMS is Rs.50 Lacs
  3. Equity investments are subject to market risks. Hence, the capital is not guaranteed.
  4. As per SEBI guidelines, there is no lock-in period for your investments. You can withdraw your funds partially or terminate the account at any time.
  5. A PMS agreement has to be signed between the investor and the portfolio manager. An identity proof (copy of PAN card/Passport) along with a photograph is required
  6. Short term gains tax liability: Gains realized on sale of investments within one year is taxed at 15%.
  7. Long term gains tax liability: Gains realized on sale of investments after one year and above Rs.1 Lakh is taxed at 10%.
  8. Dividends: Tax free at the hands of investors up to Rs. 10 Lakhs.
  9. NRIs can join EQ PMS service
  10. Portfolio may comprise of shares, bonds, securities, cash and any other financial instrument in accordance with an agreed strategy between the Portfolio Manager and client.
  11. A dedicated, qualified Portfolio Manager is assigned who takes full charge of investment decisions.
  12. The Portfolio Manager has absolute discretion to make investment decisions on the client’s behalf
  13. Fixed management fee of 2% per annum charged quarterly @ 0.5% on average NAV.
  14. Performance fee of 10% share of the returns above 10% per annum.

4 thoughts on “Equity Intelligence PMS Review 2019”

  1. My Start Date with Equity Intelligence: 13-Aug-2018.
    Returns as on 12-Aug-2019 = -42%
    Nifty Small 100 1 year return for same period : -28%
    HDFC Small Cap returns for the same period: -13.97%
    Franklin India Smaller Companies returns for the same period: -17.51

  2. Can you share EQ PMS research reports and recommendations form to try a few before I actually invest with them. Pl mail me

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