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Cera Sanitaryware – Update.

From the initial recommendation @ ~530, CERA has given outstanding returns till date. To be frank it has exceeded our expectations as well 🙂

Would advice to be cautious on entering at this price as p/e has re rated in a short duration and fundamentals has to catch up. However would still recommend to buy in small corrections as the future looks great. 
Would suggest to hold, if you have this gem in your portfolio bought at lower levels.

The reasons for the price increase are mainly due to 

  • Promoters are buying from open market at all levels of consolidation.
  • Strong FII backing.
  • General sentiments picking up on economy.
  • Expectations of faucet ware giving greater share of the business and increasing the revenue.
  • An increase in margins,as the price is already hiked.

Readers can add if spotted any more reasons.

Now, since the promoters have denied the take-over rumors –we still stick on to what we said initially  when we recommended- CERA will emerge as a leader some years later.

And its good to own the business leaders from any sector.

Safe investing !!

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