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Flashback and Future views – 3

Markets giving new peaks every month. Investors waiting to get inside are seen loosing patience and entering with frustration. This suggests that we have covered more than 70% of the rally now . Markets might peak sometime in 2016 as most of us expecting. With the history suggesting that bear markets come every 7 years, one has to approach with caution.

where do we stand now ?

Cera – PE Investors interested to make an entry even now. Real wealth creation for investors. Hold.

LaOpala – Long term story playing out.

Mayur – Same as above.

Sequent – No trigger left for further up move. Should see numbers improving on the ground for further price action.

Dhanuka – Potential future.

Ashoka – Budget should give further more business.

Vardhman – Good company. Not having craze on the market. Patience investors can hold. Others can shift to better options, if any.

Patels – Expecting better reults from H2.

Gulshan – Fundamentally no changes. Shareholder friendly actions like dividends, NSE lisiting. Should create wealth for long term investors.

Lloyd – The best is yet to come.

Aro granite – Should perform better in future with interest rates falling, and economy picking.

Talbros – Promoter still thirsty. Price within range !

Ganesha – Risk takers should continue to hold.


9 thoughts on “Flashback and Future views – 3”

  1. Hello MR

    Thanks for sharing the updates of past reccomendations.
    pl advice about following stocks which i have kept for long term?

    1) polyplex corp
    2) hindustan tin
    3) ybrant digital

  2. We bought both on short term basis. SL on both got triggered. This is the problem with short term investments. It always comes with the risk. We have tried to pick companies with long term stories, there by minimizing the risk. We knew retail investors are not disciplined and will not mind the SL usually:-)
    However the long term story on both are intact. By chance if anyone holding can continue to hold.


  3. Not following. By the time we came to know about them, huge crowd were invested. Might go up further, but not interested.Our efforts is to find companies less crowded, at least we feel so !


  4. Gulshan poly moved .

    please advise Indiabull Realestate. I have 1000 shares @ 69. lot of happening in this share, should I exit or what ?

  5. sir.

    LLOYD ELECTRIC is trading at very very cheap valuations compared to its competitors.
    Look at the following figures.

    Company Name PE

    Whirlpool 70.81
    Symphony 78
    Hitachi Home 390
    Blue Star 38
    IFB Industries 94.22
    Lloyd Electric 6.16

    what is your opinion sir, whether lloyd electric also will get rerated may not be those cray numbers as other companies at atleat a PE of 15 to 20 ?

    promoters are raising stake, brand builing is happening through advertisng (lloyd is world cup sponser). sale through flipkart and snapdeal.

    FII are buying stake, recently in jan 2015 orange mauritius bought 6% at Rs138 .
    sales increasing, foriegn subsideries also dooing good bussiness.

    will it get better valuations in future?

    Is it a good bet?


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