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Mayur Uniquoters – Update.

Mayur Reloaded !!

We always try to find the reasons for the huge price volatility and share the same with our readers. Mayur recommended by us on Aug 2013 @ ~ 210(Price adjusted after split), recently hit a high of 600 in about 6 months. Series of events in these 6 months have triggered such an price increase. Fundamentally a lot of catching has to happen, for us to feel safe(if anyone looking to buy now @ CMP).

However future looks even brighter and Mayur can achieve greater heights as the promoters do not want to waste any time. Remember Markets always lives in the future.

The thirst to grow is something we have always been admiring in Mayur. 

Recent developments

  • Board has decided to issue bonus shares in the ratio 1:1

This will greatly benefit as the increase in liquidity will open doors for large investors to get into Mayur.

The price increase which we might see in the future can be even quicker than the past movements. FII’s usually don’t care about the price once the decision is made to buy.

  • Allotment of preferential shares to West Bridge crossover fund
Roughly 6% of the total equity shall be allotted to this entity. With 4% already bought from open market- they already hold around 11% in Mayur. Funds raised shall be used in the expansions i.e setting up of polyurethane plant.This will further strengthen Mayur’s portfolio and in-turn deliver better numbers going forward. 

  • Increasing Market capitalization will attract more quality investors in the future.

Its a strong hold from our side. A new story is only beginning now. We feel selling Mayur can be equated to selling a Goose which lays golden eggs at-least for now 🙂

Safe Investing !!

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